There's a lot to do.
Personal project.
"There's a lot to do" is a project which came to me in a moment I had several things on mind about designing stuff only for fun or self promotion, that day I made this, and it helped to me to start.

#01 The beginning
There's a lot to do, and we need to start as soon as posible.

Art: Raul
#02 Flowers
Spring is here, mind reactivation.

Art: Raul. 
#3 Dance, baby, dance.

Art: Raul. 
#4 Smells like summer
The sun shines again after the rain.

#5 I can't wait for the weekend
Time to have fun, after a hard week.
Art: Roberto.
#6 Next project
Waiting for an idea?

Photo: ???
Art: ???
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